Our Work

Webart (private)

Alarm monitoring, reporting and analysis tool that keeps Operators, Shift Supervisors and Managers informed. Multiple Server support, Fall-back servers, easy to setup Event-Filters and nice looking HTML5 reports are key features of this application.

Eleviate (private)


Eleviate is a time management system that helps to schedule and plan shifts, manage workers, organize their documents, and build weekly and monthly reports.

Sacss (private)


Sacss is a CRM system that helps managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers. It helps you improve your profitability.


Blinkanna Editorial System is a very easy and user-friendly tool that is able to handle complex and text-intensive content workflow for online article/post publishing. The systems have built-in content workflow engine to handle automatically the production cycle from data input to final submission. It allows for fast submitting of a new paper by the Author, and fast processing of this paper by the Editor.



Microjob OCR web-application. Micro jobs are in high demand and are a legitimate means to earn money online. Doing these mini jobs from a home based business environment is much more realistic in that they are now enjoying an ever increasing demand.

Concrete Express

Concrete Express

Mobile concrete ordering application. Order online to get 'Hot' and 'Fresh' concrete at your door step within 50 minutes. Concrete Express delivers across various cities in Australia. Yes, it's as easy as ordering a pizza !


Food has always been about people, so having an online community to share recipes, swap stories, provide resources and just share in an overall love. Therefore, Slivkoed.ru include advanced search menus, with intuitive and well-organized categorical searches available for quick reference.


The ultimate destination for movie fans! We're one of the most prominent and the coolest websites on Internet to watch recent and complete movies online free. In addition, you can also download these movies from this website in a very easy manner. This website is the biggest online movie library, which constantly keeps on adding the latest releases to its collection for you to watch, rate and review.


Pin any news or articles you like with Newspin, organize them into collections and share with your friends.


If you are searching for a proven social networking website design and development company, we can deliver the Custom Social Networking platform and build the Online Community you are looking for while providing you full ownership rights to a custom solution.


Social network, where you can choose and buy gifts for the ones you love, create gift collections and share them with your friends.

Pinframework Clone Pinterest

Would like to find out more about our pinterest clones ? Please visit our pinframework.com site and find a solution that works best for you and your business.



Web-based solutions form the core of our services. We offer our clients a full spectrum of professional yet affordable web development and website design aiming at powerful and effective presentation at the World Wide Web. Clients refer to us for high-class corporate website design, complicated web programming solutions, logo development and offshore programming. We aim to keep web page design professional, clear and crisp, easy to navigate and quick to download.


The web-based version of Painfinder is far more robust than the desktop version and is superior in both feature and function. Painfinder works great as a stand alone product that gets you extra traffic from Quora and to your blog. It was built as the first level of research for the Network Empire Traffic Generation System called PLMM.


Which Google Are YOU Optimizing for? Why not optimize for ALL of them at once using G+ RSS Generator? With the Google+ to RSS tool you gain access to your public Google+ activities through an RSS feed. G+ RSS is a SAAS application that converts Google+ posts into editable RSS feeds and uses addaptive parsing to adjust for constantly changing Google templates.



24x7 online microjob monitoring and analysis tool that provides CSV reports and statistical data. Proxy management panel allows Figrab to work seamlessly with the targeted web-system, randomly accessing its pages from multiple IPs.



Multi-threaded scrapping tool that works with a large pool of proxies and can easily handle data sources with a complex structure. It also provides a full-featured Admin Panel with multiple filters and searching capabilities to check and analyze the scrapped data.

FOSS Conferences

We supporting Free and Open-Source Software by conducting and sponsoring several FOSS conferences in Ukraine where students have great opportunities to share their thoughts about Open Source and enagage with Free applications.


Software installation process optimization, by means of making distfile fetcher more intelligent and increasing effectiveness of network connection utilization. This project is not about building new fast networks all over the world, but rather about making the installation software more intelligent and optimized, so it's possible to use the existing infrastructure and bring open source software close to an end user.

Intertelecom Account Indicator Gnome Applet

See intertelecom statistics, traffic consumed, traffic left, money left, your current ip, etc.

Mifi Status App Indicator

Gnome Applet Indicator for mifi modem (Displays signal strength, IP address, battery status, allows to reboot modem) Tested under: ubuntu 11.10, ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint.