ZX Content Management
System (CMS)

ZXscript CMS

Zxscript CMS provides
the following features:

check iconManage content on your web-site;
check iconManage user privileges to assing what domains and branches can be managed by a particular user or user group;
check iconManage Categories for Job posts;
check iconManage Job Posts: Create/Edit posts, Save posts as Drafts or Publish them;
check iconImplementation of schema.org requirements for job posts;
check iconOn Page SEO: Edit Title, Description and Keywords for every page of the web-site;
check iconSelect what pages should be included or excluded from sitemap.xml;
check iconAutomaticaly build sitemap.xml

To install zxscript-cms use the following instructions:

code install

sudo apt install python3-pip -y

sudo pip install zxscript-cms

To request a new feature please contact us